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Trends in Home Renovations

Trends in home renovations

Renovate the bathroom, change the kitchen from top to bottom, update the decoration of the beach house, comprehensive renovations in Barcelona … the season of home renovations begins and we have analyzed the key trends to update your house and “petarlo”.

After a long quarantine and with summer dawning its first days, it is the perfect time to renovate our houses or take advantage of the reform that we have been wanting to do for a long time. The heat, the daylight hours and the dry climate are perfect for carrying out comprehensive home renovations.

More and more of us entrust our reform to an interior studio for all the advantages it offers:

They act as intermediaries with the construction company and the rest of the suppliers.
They offer you the best solutions to get the most out of all the spaces in your house.
They save you money and trouble.
If you are thinking of taking the step with the reform of your house but you are very lost with style, the most current solutions or the latest decorative trends, we give you 7 trends in home renovations to update your home:

Note: if you want to get a new new home, instead of renovating it, Learn More Here.

Custom solutions:

If there is something worth investing in in home renovations, it is custom storage solutions. Custom carpentry is the perfect option for small homes or those with large storage needs. From here the possibilities are endless. Room dividers, modular shelves, hidden kitchens, hallways lined with cabinets.

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